Paranormal Research Association of New Hampshire

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Paranormal Research Association of New Hampshire

Who are the PRANH


The Paranormal Research Association of New Hampshire is a team of scientific paranormal researchers coming from all walks of life. We are dedicated to the research of all claimed paranormal experiences with a three fold mission.


1. Above all, to help people who are suffering from paranormal experiences in their residences / places of work

2. To further our, and as a consequence the public at large, understanding of paranormal activity through logical, verifiable scientific means.

3. Through presentations, classes and our published research papers, to give the public an understanding of both paranormal activity and the methods we use to locate and test paranormal activity.


We use both tried and tested methods along with cutting edge technology / theory, developed in-house and from the community, to further our knowledge and research techniques. In turn this enhances the service we give to our clients.

We do not now, and will never charge any business or person for our services. We remain not-for-profit and privately funded by our members.

The PRA-NH was formed in October 2012 when the founder of the Paranormal Research Associations of Ireland and Boston, notable paranormal research associations, wanted to expand operations and help more people in the Northern New England area. We remain in close contact with the PRAI, PRAB and PRAC and our other national and international affiliates. This again enhances the service we can provide, as we have access to a massive, worldwide knowledge sharing network.

PRA Network Service Area

PRAB featured in the Boston Globe October 2015

Photograph by Dina Rudick / Boston Globe

The Boston Globe ran a fantastic article on the PRAB this October, highlighting our work and the scientific paranormal process.

While Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and other funny ladies filmed the remake of “Ghostbusters” in Boston this summer, New England’s local ghost hunters recruited on Craigslist. Once a year, an outfit called the Paranormal Research Association of Boston posts an ad for a “trainee paranormal investigator.”

No experience required. No psychics need apply.

The science-based organization exists to investigate ghostly phenomena, wherever they may be found, free of charge. Its motivation is to offer homeowners peace of mind and logical answers for things that go bump in the night.

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